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Special event hosting and streaming

LocalMirror state-of-the-art global load balancing, authorative DNS and fast, low latency Content Delivery Network service bundle is the best fully managed solution for special event hosting and streaming that requires high bandwidth and content distribution for shorter periods.

No need for expensive hardware, high bandwidth lines, experienced system administrators or collocation space is required – we provide the necessary infrastructure and fully manage this service for you.

Example usage:

  • new software release distribution
  • software or antivirus base updates
  • large advertisement campaigns
  • large banner ad networks
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader, PowerPoint, MS Word document product brochure distribution
  • new video trailer downloads
  • flash movie distribution
  • remote video learning
  • any other static content distribution

LocalMirror special event hosting and streaming service is powered by UltraRoute™ and criticalDNS™ technologies.

Please contact our sales department for a custom quote and solution.

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