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Full service HTTP and FTP file distribution

LocalMirror is currently providing HTTP and FTP file distribution solutions from small to large companies that require heavy bandwidth for load intensive web sites, file downloads, high peak-time traffic demands and thousands of concurrent download sessions. Our powerful server clusters, cache nodes and specifically tuned platforms are bundled with our state-of-the-art Content Delivery Network technology that can easily handle massive traffic downloads with high speed delivery around the globe.

We provide the entire prerequisite infrastructure – no expensive start-up costs, infrastructure build-outs and hiring of experienced network and system administrators are required.

With our smart technology and global load distribution we are able to deliver bandwidth in tens of gigabytes (Gbps) per second with no delays and no saturating single data center lines (for example, if you are using a simple colocation) as traffic will be routed to your clients from the closest location and shared between multiple data centers and network access points around the world.

Call or e-mail us today, we can supply hundreds of terabytes of traffic at the best rates.

LocalMirror HTTP and FTP distribution service is powered by UltraRoute™ and criticalDNS™ technologies.

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