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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

With LocalMirror Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology you can push your content closer to end-user for greater speeds and deliver content faster, and more cost-effective. LocalMirror CDN service can be easily activated for static content in a matter of hours and offload your critical server load and internet connectivity traffic as content will be served from our CDN nodes (cache servers) that are dispersed around the world. LocalMirror CDN technology distributes file downloads and audio/video streams from the closest location and with lower latency, thus offering better Internet experience for your visitors comparing with traditional hosting and streaming.

LocalMirror CDN service supports virtually unlimited number of simultaneous connections for static and non-static audio and video streams depending on our cache node locations and client traffic requirements. Using LocalMirror CDN services your servers and on-line services can withstand massive peak-time traffic and visitors, and are much more resilient to attacks, thereby increasing your web site uptime and profitability.

Content Delivery Network benefits.
Content Delivery Network vs traditional web hosting.

LocalMirror CDN service can be also used for massive http and ftp file distribution service to offer high speed and low latency downloads with thousands of concurrent connections that not a single data center can handle.

... more for less with 99.999% uptime guarantee... - get your web site powered by our Content Delivery Network service at the fraction of the cost compared to traditional hosting and streaming.



To get pricing on LocalMirror CDN services please fill out our contact form and our staff will get in touch with you within the next 24 hours to discuss your requirements. Trial accounts and live tests are also available.

LocalMirror Content Delivery Network is powered by UltraRoute™ and criticalDNS™ technologies.

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